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Listen To “Don’t Let Me Go” By Mathew V | EQ Music

It is feeling like summer outside here in the UK today, which means I am firmly in the mood for discovering some suitably summery sounding, electronic pop tracks. And, being that last Friday was another massive release day, I’ve had plenty of lovely new tunes to digest and keep me occupied over the holiday weekend. The latest Mathew V track “Don’t Let Me Go” particularly shone out to me because of it’s sizzling, euphoric beats and dazzlingly musicality.

Don’t Let Me Go” is everything I need in a song today. A track which is gripped by pulsating synths and a super catchy melody. I like it because it is reminding me of the last time I went to a club night. As it evokes a dizzy kind of happiness, which always builds inside of me when I get to see a band or an artist perform live. I can’t wait to feel this way again, soon I hope.

This track is a humongous crowd pleaser. It totally should pick up lots of interest when curated summer playlists start appearing in the next few weeks. As definitely, we need tracks which are jubilant and uplifting when coming out of lockdown. The message that this track emits is one of appreciating the happiness that has been found. So yeah, “Don’t Let Me Go” completely feels like the track we need at this time. The level of musicianship on this release is impressively high, and the production is resoundingly stellar. From delivering on his early promise (his 2019, sun-soaked jam “Catching Feelings“) Mathew with producer Ryan Worsley’s crafting of hook-heavy hits is again, on a roll. “Don’t Let Me Go” the latest, is a hefty serving of such. Made with the purpose in mind, to make you sit up and pay attention. Well done Mathew V, I hope this track takes off like I know it could for you.