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Canadian Mathew V warms up to summer with his new single “Don’t Let Me Go” | Bands of Tomorrow

The forward-thinking Mathew V, who originally has his roots in Canada, has made the trip to London to develop his music career. Now he’s ready with a new single for the collection.

We are going back to 2016, when the now 22-year-old artist Mathew V released his debut EP Sounds . Since then, a handful of strong singles have been released and the album The Fifth . We were especially excited about his single “Flashback” , where he tells his story of a sexual assault he experienced as a 17-year-old. Mathew V has never been afraid to open up, and be honest about his background, and his strong roots in the LGBTQ + environment.

Now he’s ready to push boundaries again with his latest single “Don’t Let Me Go”. The song is a completed pop song that is opened by a delicious guitar and which develops into a sharply danceable electro pop number. The song at least makes us miss the dance floor during these party-free times. However, we can still warm ourselves to the song and get a taste of the long summer nights we have in store for Mathew V’s new single “Don’t Let Me Go”.