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Singer JoJo Mason Thanks His Lucky Stars | Times Colonist

“Since I started my career, there have been too many things that have happened, which has led me to believe this has to be fate,” Mason said. “This has to be what I’m supposed to do.”

Mason saw his dentist on Wednesday for an update on his jaw, which was broken in June after an errant golf ball struck him on a golf course in Surrey. The ball — which hit him at high velocity from close by — realigned his top teeth and broke his jaw bone “in the most incredibly perfect spot for an incredibly shitty situation,” Mason said with a laugh.

His dentist popped the bone back in place, with all his teeth attached to it, and in two weeks, he was on stage singing again.

It could have been a lot worse: “Think about it. It could have gone two inches to the left, concaved my skull and I could be dead. It could have hit me in the throat and I wouldn’t be able to sing anymore. I’m counting my blessings right now.”