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Tafari Anthony ruminates on desires, relationships & situationships on ‘When I Met Your Girlfriend’

Toronto-based, JUNO nominated, queer pop artist Tafari Anthony shares fiery debut album When I Met Your Girlfriend, taking us on a journey through his deepest experiences, fears, and desires within a confident yet honest style.

Opening with the gentle and distorted echoes of “Hurting Too,” the 16-track collection establishes an emotive yet bold mood led by soaring vocals and relatable reflections on queer love and relationships. Tracks like “Falling Back,” with its groovy beats and peaceful “Evermore,” wraps us up in atmospheric sound arrangements while “You Could Have It,” showcases his laid-back flow as it sweeps over anthemic beats.

Delivering catchy and experimental “Heart Race,” balanced by sultry warmth on “Maybe It’s Just Me,” and electro-tinged melodies on “Steady, Waiting, Hoping,” Anthony strikes a delicate yet solid balance as he showcases a versatile musicality, ending on the soaring and ethereal notes of stand-out track “S’posed To Go.”

Speaking of the album, he says,” I wanted something that resonated with my own musical world and story. I found myself documenting the last few years in real-time instead of drawing inspiration from the past like I typically would. I was crafting lyrics and melodies as life was unfolding, sort of like a musical diary.”

Drawing inspiration from his exploration of polyamory while also offering up ruminations on desires, relationships and situationships, the album is sure to mean something to anyone listening no matter what their relationship status.

 Co-produced by Tafari and a star line up of producers (Derek Hoffman, Jordyn Woodside, Hill Kourkoutis, Zach Cooper, Colin Janz), the album sees the rising pop artist reintroduce himself in his most authentic form.