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Gwyn Love Returns With Vulnerable New Single “Lil Bit”, Opening Up to Their Audience

While sometimes we have a clear picture in our minds of how an artist should sound with each release, there are those who continue to crack their mold with each drop. On our latest dive in the indie world we are checking out “lil bit”, the latest release from Gwyn Love. Gwyn Love began honing their talents early on with first picking up a cello at age 5. By age 11, Gwyn Love had already written their first song and was quickly on their way to discovering their own path down the music avenue. In the decade since, Love has tweaked their sound to become uniquely theirs, a blend of pop-electronica that we wouldn’t expect to find in small-town Oklahoma. Gwyn found a solid amount of success after the release of their debut EP At First Blush, with the EP’s lead single being picked up by popular playlists including Spotify’s “It’s A Bop”, Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and Amazon’s “Fresh Pop” and “Brand New Music”

I wrote “lil bit” back in 2020 during the lockdown. It was a very unsure time for me and this song expresses that. I felt doubtful about everything in my life at the time. this song means a lot to me because it is unlike any of my other singles I have released to date. It’s a very vulnerable song and shows a part of me that I have been hesitant to share within my music. I think it shows my diversity as an artist and hope people can appreciate that.” – Gwyn Love

If you have been following Modern Neon for some time now, you know that we are no strangers to the work of Gwyn Love. After snagging the chance to sit down and interview them back in 2022, we’ve been waiting for Gwyn Love to get back in the studio. and craft a new original single with them center stage. While we love their multiple collaborations with La+ch, including their previous drop “Luv 2 the Beat” that was our most listened song of 2022, we believe where an artist truly shines is when they have to weather the storm on their own. :lil bit” is plenty of proof  that they are planning on taking 2023 over in full form. An incredibly emotional and sensitive track, “lil bit” allows  Gwyn space and time to open up to their core audience and step out of the elecctro-pop limelight for a beat.

Make sure you check out “lil bit” on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!