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B00sted tries not to fall in love on “Remedy” | Melodic Magazine

When he was only 16 years old, Vancouver artist B00sted was able to develop full tracks from start to finish.  Thanks to a few engineering videos online and enrollment in audio engineering school, he learned how to combine two of his favorite genres, hip-hop and pop, to create his own special sound.  Since then, B00sted has built a strong online presence, accumulating over 3 million views on YouTube for his debut single “Back” and over 7 million streams overall.  Sure to please his growing fanbase, B00sted is continuing to make a splash with his latest single “Remedy.”

A forward-moving, upbeat mix of hip-hop and pop, “Remedy” attempts to brush off the anxiety of falling in love.  Throughout the track, B00sted gives us lines like, “You know I’m running off of this love / It gets hard / I never knew that it would hurt sometimes,” his jagged, bittersweet vocals desperate to hang on.  Yet, he ultimately knows it is better to let go, singing, “Baby, you’re my remedy / I don’t wanna fall in love.”  You can listen to it below.

Telling us more about “Remedy,” B00sted shares,

“‘Remedy’ is a song about trying not to fall in love and the difficulties you face in the process.  It’s not because you don’t want to fall in love, you just know the hardships and stress of it all.  As many can relate, relationships can be hard and typically have you thinking about the future constantly.  In ‘Remedy,’ I describe my own experience throughout the track.”

You can listen to “Remedy” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.