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Madisyn Gifford Celebrates “21” With New Euphoric Single and Beautiful Hawaiian Music Video! | Modern Neon

Over the last last two years, everyone missed milestones in their lives. How you recoup is up to you. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “21”, the latest from Madisyn Gifford. She may have just broken onto the Vancouver indie scene last fall, she is quickly finding her home. Being adept at singing basically since she could talk, Madisyn has been on the path to embracing the life of a musician since she was able to fathom the concept. Now at a mere twenty years old, Madisyn has plenty to tell listeners, along with the skills to back it up. Releasing her debut single “Without You” back in late 2020, she has already amassed almost 200k online streams. After a very active and prosperous 2021, Madisyn is ready to take the rest of 2022 by the horns and make 2022 her year.

 “21 has been my lucky number for as long as I can remember and because of that, my entire life I have always placed really high expectations on what my 21st year was going to be like. I wrote this song with Jared Manierka at a time when I was feeling really frustrated because I had not been having a year even close to the 21 that I had always imagined due to COVID and some other life circumstances I was dealing with. This was one of those magical songs where after I wrote it, I was able to look at the issues I was having more clearly and luckily the second half of my 21st year was nothing short of magical. I’m so proud of this track and I think that it is going to be so much fun to perform and scream along in the car to. I hope people enjoy dancing around their kitchen to it as much as I do!” – Madisyn Gifford

Following after her previous single “Dancing on the Line”, Madisyn has no problem shedding any emotional barriers she has built in the past for an emotionally vulnerable addition to her catalog. Raw and honest, “21” is easily a summer anthem in the making for anyone who missed a major life milestone over the last two years. The single is intoxicatingly beautiful and is just spilling over with positivity for the future, with this feeling easily elevated by the accompanying music video. Composed of videos and stills from Madisyn’s previous month-long stay in Oahu, HI, the video not only captures the feeling of finally being able to compensate for those missed milestones, but also the freedom of post-pandemic bliss.

Make sure you check out “21” on YouTube below and on your favorite streaming platform!