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BEST NEW SONGS: Fionn | Pop Matters

Fionn – “Picnic on the Moon”

Canadian pop duo Fionn possesses heavenly harmonies, stunning voices, and profoundly affecting songwriting, and they do it while showcasing a range of styles. “Picnic on the Moon” begins as a gentle folk-pop tune, slowly unveiling its musical treasures on the way to an explosive and energetic chorus speaking to Fionn’s existential concerns. Brianne Finn-Morris says she “wrote ‘Picnic on the Moon’ at a strange point in [her] life. Like many, I fell into periods of intense depression. I believed my dreams were crumbling to dust.” “Picnic on the Moon” goes back to the duo’s folk roots, but other songs, like last year’s “Dirty Dancing”, show they can master any pop form.