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Adewolf releases ‘2SME’ for 604 Sessions | Melodic Magazine

This month, 604 Records is releasing a series of dual singles from their first annual Song Camp last summer.  There will be a new release every week, each featuring a different artist.  The first of the artists in these 604 Sessions is Adewolf, a Nigerian-born musician, songwriter, and art director.  In the past four years of his career, Adewolf has opened for Grammy-winning artists and major Afrobeat stars, composed singles for his independent films, won the CITR Shindig band competition, and created a commercial for Vodka Splash, which showcased his writing, producing, directing, and song-making skills.  It is apparent that Adewolf goes above and beyond for his projects, and the same can be said for his dual release, 2SME.

A dual single, 2SME (pronounced two-some), explores different aspects of love.  The first side of this project, “Feel Alive!” touches on the pressures of life and the importance of practicing self-care.  The second side, “Nutella Kisses,” is more intimate and expresses Adewolf’s love for a partner who is as strong as she is sweet.  Both singles put Adewolf’s “Afrohop” sound on display, which he describes as a mix of Afrobeats, hip hop, R&B, and reggae.

About “Feel Alive!” Adewolf shares,

“‘Feel Alive!’ touches on the importance of stepping away from bad vibes and into self-love; saving your energy and staying away from negative moments and people so I can focus on myself and the things that matter more – all the cheesy stuff.  It’s a song about reclaiming your energy and spending more time on doing the things that make you feel more lit and happy.”

Telling us more about “Nutella Kisses,” Adewolf reveals,

“‘Nutella Kisses’ talks about a strong, romantic love with a ride or die partner who is as sweet as Nutella, but has the resilience of Amina, a 15th century Nigerian warrior princess.  Isaiah, who is a member [of] Schwey, sent over this beat with a bunch of other ones and this stood out to me, and I had no idea it would be a love song till I started to freestyle melodies. We met up at the 604 studios for the song writing session and it was fun!  We were playing around with objects and surfaces in the room to make percussion feels and we did some beat-boxing at the very end of the song, totally inspired by Timbaland and his Missy Elliott-era style of production.”

You can listen to 2SME on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Applications for the 2022-2023 Song Camp are now open.  You can apply here.