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Fionn prep for a “Picnic on the Moon” on playful new single | Melodic Magazine

We have been treated to rousing pieces of pop music from Canadian duo Fionn over the years, from projects like Candid Constellations to recent hits like “Take Me Back” and “I Won’t Lie.”  The sisters have refined this sound for themselves, grabbing the attention of tastemakers like American Songwriter and reaching Spotify streams of over 1.5 million in the process.  Even though they have made so much progress and have grown as artists since they first came onto the scene, Fionn are still evolving and figuring out their place in the industry.  After making a few life changes over the past year, Fionn are now ready to take things back to their singer-songwriter roots and head in a folk pop direction, starting with “Picnic on the Moon.”

On “Picnic on the Moon,” we hear about taking a much needed escape from the harsh realities of adulthood for something a little less demanding.  Over a soft indie pop production, Fionn describe situations in which they find themselves feeling down or hurt, with lines like “Sometimes I hate myself” and “Some days, can’t stand myself.”  Yet, they dig themselves out of this hole in the choruses, their folksy vocals coming together to explain, “It’s a candy necklace life / Go ahead and take a bite” and “Let the night just float on by.”  You can check it out below.

About the release, Brianne shared,

“I wrote ‘Picnic on the Moon’ at a strange point in my life.  It goes without saying, we all ended up in situations that differed from our expectations back in 2020.  For me, that meant a full-time job in childcare that I had never anticipated for myself as live music and shows became non-existent…What really tied the song together was one of the imaginative children I was working with.  Every day, he would point at the sky and ask if we could go have a ‘Picnic on the Moon.’  The phrase stuck with me as it brought such a beautiful image to my mind.”

You can listen to “Picnic on the Moon” on platforms like Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify.