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“Dancing On This Line” – Madisyn Gifford | Unheard Gems

Madisyn Gifford is back with another single, “Dancing On This Line”, this time the singer-songwriter turned inward for the inspiration for the track. “Dancing On This Line” is all about mental health and self-reflection.

Following the release of her debut album, I hate ur guts, “Dancing On This Line” encapsulates what it’s like for Canadian singer-songwriter Madisyn Gifford to live as a twenty-one year old with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The latest release talks about the issues Gifford faces on a daily basis living with BPD and how she feels “unequipped to handle it all.” “Dancing On This Line” is extremely raw, vulnerable, honest, and comes just in time for BPD Awareness month which is noticed all throughout May.

Throughout the song, Gifford is talking about her actions and following it up with “I don’t know who that just was” as if to convey an overarching sense of confusion to the theme of the song and what it is like to live with BPD. “I scoop out my insides once a week” paints such a clear picture of Gifford trying to live with this diagnosis. You can see her physically pulling herself apart and examining every aspect of her being and wondering how she can do things differently. She is real with herself and is reflecting on her words and actions each week as she lives with BPD.

I love how raw and real Gifford is with her lyricism in “Dancing On This Line”. A clear picture is painted for the listener so it is easier to understand what it is like to live with BPD. The self-reflection that was put into “Dancing On This Line” is heartbreakingly phenomenal.

“Dancing On This Line” isn’t an attempt to find herself, and I think that’s beautiful, it’s an attempt to lay everything out there, scoop your insides out; all of your actions, faults, and flaws, and to dance on the line anyways.