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Cherishing Life Itself While Having a “Picnic On The Moon” | Glasse Factory

Canadian pop duo Fionn (Brianne and Alanna Finn-Morris) have returned with their new single “Picnic On The Moon” on May 27 via 604 Records. The duo have gone back to their roots to create an authentic folk-pop sound that takes the best of both their folk background and their pop-forward songwriting and production. Definitely, Fionn’s current vibe embraces a more playful side — a direct result of the sisters’ experiences and mindset over the past year. 

“I slowly started to surrender and appreciate the little things that brought me joy on the daily. I give a lot of credit to the kids [she is a worker in childcare] as they helped me to see the mundane from a childlike and exciting point of view. At the same time I was falling deeply in love with my partner of three years, the isolation brought us much closer together – we made our own fun, almost building our own world together. What really tied the song together was one of the imaginative children I was working with. Every day he would point at the sky and ask if we could go have a ‘Picnic On the Moon’. The phrase stuck with me as it brought such a beautiful image to my mind.”

~ Brianne Finn-Morris

“Picnic On The Moon” is now available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

The track starts with soft vocals delicately explaining the frustrations of living in uncertainty. It is backed by a gentle acoustic sound, giving you a small taste of what the song would evolve into later on. As listeners will learn, a picnic on the moon entails returning to the simple and happy moments of childhood, compared to the different and more complicated world that we live in now, as described by Fionn in the second verse with faster and more emotive descriptions. When nearing two minutes, a perfect drum addition is introduced as Fionn comes across the revelation that any moment of happiness, whether smaller or more substantial, is to be cherished as we remain living beings. Meeting those we hold close and being able to experience life itself is a gift, and such analogy is beautifully expressed in the treasure trove of writing and sound that is “Picnic On The Moon.”