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Vancouver trio the Jins share animated video for new rocker ‘Metro’ | Indie88

The Jins

Vancouver rock trio the Jins have shared a video for their new track, “Metro.”

The song serves as the first single from The Jins’ forthcoming album. Today’s release is an absolute earworm, that’s all about leaving the house with nowhere to go. Throughout the track, the band delivers post-grunge melodies, captivating vocal hooks, and a killer guitar solo. The accompanying video, co-animated by band members Ben Larsen and Hudson Partridge, comes packed with drawings of the band performing beneath colourful shots of the metro lines.

“It’s supposed to sound nihilistic, just reflecting on how mundane and directionless our lives are at times,” The Jins’ vocalist-guitarist Larsen explains of “Metro.” “A lot of times it feels like when you look back on your life, things aren’t super stable or clear. The future isn’t super clear, either. You just trust that if you get on the metro, it’s all going to work out–it’s kind of a metaphor for a transition in life.”

Watch the video for “Metro” below.

The Jins is made up of Larsen on vocals and guitar, Partridge on bass, and Jamie Warnock on drums and vocals. Together, they’re building off of the gritty ’90s guitar-driven sound of their 2019 EP, Death Wish.

Now, The Jins are ready to channel their sound into their most ambitious effort yet. In fact, the band is planning to tour for the first time since their Death Wish track “She Said” exploded on TikTok.