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M For Montreal 2021: Mauvey, Laurence Anne, Wares, and more | Range

The annual industry gathering celebrated their ‘Sweet 16’ while reigniting Montreal’s music community.

M for Montreal wasted no time kicking things into high gear when they proudly opened their arms to delegates from all over the world on Nov. 17, celebrating their Sweet 16 anniversary while reminding everyone just how special and musically rich Montreal still is. 

The way M For Montréal schedules their events is meticulous and the programming has always been progressive. While it’s impossible to see everything over the course of the festival’s five days, it’s programmed in such a way that you’re always busy and whatever you’re watching is top-notch and export ready. Here are some of the standout acts that we observed during our time spent in the thick of our first post-pando full capacity music industry gathering.


(Photo: Bree Laryea)

Nov. 19 at Société des arts technologiques

One of the most talked about acts at M For Montreal, the rising alt R&B act that is Mauvey is an unstoppable force of positive energy. Hailing from Vancouver by way of the UK, by way of Ghana, the artist otherwise known as Ransford Laryea is coming up in a big way. His performance on this particular evening was solo but he didn’t need anyone else to tell his story through song, which included a string of highly conceptual singles from his forthcoming mixtape, The Florist. Powered by his charismatic on-stage persona and soulful voice, Mauvey’s bouquet of hip-hop, R&B, and alternative pop rock have gotten him attention on both sides of the pond. And with recent interest from 604 Records courting him to join the ranks of Carly Rae Jepsen and other international superstars on their label, Laryea is poised for greatness while painting everything a different shade of purple on his way to the top.