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Video: Fionn x Mauvey – I Won’t Lie | York Calling

Regular readers will be no stranger to Fionn. We’ve been following the career of the Canadian pop twins since they first hit our radar back in 2018. Best known for their upbeat and lively numbers, their latest sees a slight change in direction to a mid-tempo ballad. It’s called I Won’t Lie.

By Graeme Smith

The track also sees them teaming up a R&B artist from a little closer to home, Mauvey. Ghana born but UK and Canada based, Mauvey brings soulful vocals to the party. Well, ‘party’ might not be the right word, as I Won’t Lie explores the idea of heartbreak through the metaphor of a party that’s run too long.

Fionn dual vocals are as beautiful as always but it was the lyrics that really struck me about I Won’t Lie. It exhibits the same wise-beyond-their-years vibe that one of my other current favourite artists, Madison Beer, has.

You can check out the video for I Won’t Lie below.