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Fionn and Mauvey search for clarity on new single “I Won’t Lie” | Melodic Magazine

We last heard from pop duo Fionn in July when they released their nostalgic single “Take Me Back.”  The track was Fionn’s first release since their Candid Constellations EP in May, which pushed the girls into edgier new territory.  As we heard this edgier, dynamic new sound play out through the track, we also heard the girls touch on memories of a former relationship, romanticizing certain moments.  You could sense their desire to go back in time to those moments, a feeling that also comes through on Fionn’s latest single “I Won’t Lie.”

On “I Won’t Lie,” Fionn tackle the weird sensation of wanting to get back together with someone, but also wanting nothing more to do with that person.  Over slick beats and lurking riffs, Fionn sing about the instability they feel and the urge to give things another try.  Towards the end of the track, R&B artist Mauvey comes in and gives us the ex’s point of view.  He raps about the highs and lows of the relationship, but ultimately wants to know where things stand.  You can check it out below.

Explaining the concept of the music video, Fionn share,

“The video takes place at a party that feels off.  Time seems frozen and nobody is having fun.  This was supposed to portray the numb feeling that comes along with trying to do normal things after suffering a loss.  The second verse flashes to Brianne arguing with the ghost of a lover (Mauvey), and eventually pushing him away, trying to push his memory out of her head.  All the while, shots of us underwater in a purple pool are effortlessly integrated to portray the feeling of drowning in these complex emotions.

Mauvey also comments,

“A moment I’ll never forget is on the video shoot for ‘I Won’t Lie’.  It was late, we were running out of time, the ladies had already committed to the last shot in an outdoor (not-heated swimming pool), they just walked right in like it didn’t matter, it was then I knew I had to step my game up.

You can listen to “I Won’t Lie” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.