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Madisyn Gifford does not need “Nice Things” to be happy | Melodic Magazine

While Madisyn Gifford is becoming a strong pop artist on the rise, she is still just a typical 21-year old who can’t keep her room clean.  She doesn’t always tell the truth.  She repeats herself.  She is still figuring it all out, which she told us about on her debut EP, Learning to Exist, back in May.  Hundreds of thousands of listeners were able to connect to the EP, agreeing with Madisyn’s perfectly imperfect thoughts and feelings that came through.  As she continues to make a name for herself and find her place in this world, Madisyn is giving us another glimpse into her relatable life with “Nice Things.”

Moving on from the weepy vibes of Madisyn’s latest singles, which dealt with the breakup blues, “Nice Things” does not take life too seriously.  Instead of holding her quirks against her, Madisyn embraces them, giving us a track that is playful and carefree.  She lightheartedly sings, “I swear the more I listen, the less I understand” and “I’m like a broken record, I’m getting out of hand,” as well as confidently stating, “This is why I can’t have nice things.”  It is refreshing to hear her take control, letting herself have the last laugh.

About the track, Madisyn shared,

Nice Things is a song where I essentially poke fun at myself for 2 minutes and 39 seconds straight!  I love this song so much because it mentions a lot of specific things that my friends and family, who have known me a long time, will always make fun of me for like never cleaning my room or saying “you’re my favorite, shh don’t tell the others” to every other person I meet.  Although the song is very lighthearted and honest, I also love the fact that it in a way is also taking the power back from individuals who have cut me down for simply being myself or called me certain things that I know not to be true of who I am, so I used these lyrics to embody them in a different way and find confidence through that.  It was also such an honor getting to work with my incredible collaborators on this song Tavish Crowe and Colin Janz, this tune was such a blast to create with them!”

You can listen to “Nice Things” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.