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Mathew V releases raw single, “Healing,” ahead of new EP | Ear Milk

Beginning with a quiet guitar riff,  Mathew V starts to sing. Before long, powerful ethereal-sounding harmonies join the singer’s raw voice at the chorus. This emotionally-charged single, “Healing,” is out today, ahead of the Vancouver artist’s new EP, The Outer Circle, dropping this fall.

Having endeavored for this single for years, the journey to create “Healing” reflects its message that some things take necessary time to grow. Speaking on the single, the singer-songwriter says that he was constantly changing the lyrics over these past several years. “It’s about the trials and tribulations that come with growth, recovery, and healing,” he says, adding “the journey may not be linear, but that doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made.”

Mathew V’s 2018 debut album, The Fifth, hit the charts in Canada and the US and his sophomore LP, Two Faced, garnered critical acclaim, giving the artist room to grow and work on songs like “Healing,” which took time to evolve. Instrumentals and added production gradually trickle in throughout the song, building from what seems like an acoustic ballad at first sight to a passionate and powerful ode to restoration.