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Madisyn Gifford – ‘Bare Minimum’ | Pictor Magazine

Just when you thought breakup anthems had reached their peak, Madisyn Gifford arrives with her new single ‘Bare Minimum’ to prove the best is yet to come.

If there’s one trope of modern pop guaranteed to make a hit, it’s a track which boasts passionate, rage-filled lyrics, but also doubles up as an absolute bop. If you like the sound of that, look no further, as Madisyn Gifford has got you covered.

With her stunning new track ‘Bare Minimum’, Gifford sings about the harsh process of learning self-worth after a break-up. Going from making excuses and begging an ex-lover to show some appreciation, Gifford moulds her pain into power, uplifting herself in the form of a bubblegum-pop banger.

This was such a fun and important song for me to write and it meant so much to me in my own process of moving on,” said Gifford when speaking about the track. “More than anything, I hope that it can do the same thing for those who listen!

Assisting the impact of ‘Bare Minimum’ is its aesthetically spot-on music video, where we see Gifford going through the motions of the broken-hearted. Eating ice-cream in her pyjamas before dressing up for the occasion to destroy gifts from a former flame, the singer expresses her bitterness in an all too relatable fashion.

For the video’s grand finale, Gifford dresses up in a tiara and gloves to re-enact scenes from her relationship with Barbie dolls, reaching a whole new level of extra we can only aspire to. With an outfit that quite literally cements her status as pop’s new princess, Madisyn Gifford makes her presence firmly known with her latest release.

The single comes just months after Gifford’s debut EP, ‘Learning To Exist’, which too reflects her playful outlook on the bridge between adolescence and adulthood. As she continues to blossom, we hope Gifford’s music will continue to reflect the universal experiences of growing up, soundtracking our lives in the most stylish way possible.