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Listen: “Shit I Like” by Gwyn Love ft. La+ch | Wolf in a Suit

“Shit I Like” by Gwyn Love ft. La+ch

US-based indie singer/songwriter Gwyn Love joins forces with Canadian act La+ch to give life to “Shit I like”. With this catchy and playful blend of melodies and lyrics they offer us a chance to escape from reality and find a good reason to smile, simply be free and have fun. The soundscape unfolds nicely into the airwaves and caresses our senses to make sure we have one hell of a sonic adventure. She invites us to relax and simply dance along to the rhythm they have crafted as the verses unfold.

Dive into this contemporary realm and allow the intoxicating magic of this must-listen gem to make your day all better. So listen carefully and sing along to this amazing addition to any playlist. Enjoy!

Location: USA & Canada

To listen on Spotify click HERE

“I was in Vancouver, my first time out of the United States, all by myself, recording music. I felt extremely stressed because I didn’t feel I was performing as I knew I could in the session that day. I went to my airbnb and sat on the couch and started thinking of things I could do to relax and take some of the pressure off so I would feel more like myself and perform better the next day. It’s a reminder to me that no matter how stressed I get, there are skills I have learned that help me not go overboard with stressing. It’s okay to sit back and let yourself unwind every so often, it’s actually very much needed. My boi La+ch’s production on this song really brought it all together and made it the “dance in your room by yourself” song that I really wanted it to be.”

Gwyn Love