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Fionn – Take Me Back | Alfitude

My favourite pop duo return today with the release of nostalgic bop ‘Take Me Back’. Co-written and produced by Jared Manierka (who’s also worked with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen), the song showcases a more melancholic side to Fionn which is utterly charming to listen to.

“‘Take Me Back’ is a nostalgic pop ballad romanticising a life stuck in the past. Specifically we touch on an old relationship that is brought back to the surface and re-analysed. Time is a funny thing, and some days you wake up forgetting where the years have gone, feeling the pain of a loss as if it is new. During covid, we spent a lot of time wishing that we could go back to when the stress of living during a pandemic didn’t follow us on the daily. It also gave us a lot of time to romanticise every bit of our lives before.”

Check out the recent EP ‘Candid Constellations‘ which is out now.