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Meet… Gwyn Love | Vibez Music

Off the bat of her debut EP At First Blush, Gwyn Love continues to weave through the soundscapes of electro-pop and talks all ‘Shit I Like’. Photo Credit: Hannah Dimmitt

Following her youthful tendencies of playing the cello at just five years old to writing her first song at eleven, the Oklahoma born singer-songwriter is making her wave through the American music scene as she pockets her sound.

From now being signed to 604 Records to showing what she is made of amongst her competitors, Gwyn catches up with Vibez about her latest work, the past year and what the future holds.

Firstly, congratulations on your latest release, ‘Shit I Like’ – what’s the reaction been like and how does it feel that it’s now out?

The reaction has been better than expected! I’m so thankful for all the support. It feels amazing, to finally be able to release my collabs with La+ch!

Talking about ‘Shit I Like’ – what is the overall meaning of the track, and what do you hope to achieve from it?

I wrote this song when I was really stressed out about writing songs. I felt a lot of pressure to write a hit, so I sat down and wrote a fun song about shit I like, and I wasn’t planning on actually recording it, but I liked it a lot.

In addition, alongside the track, you collaborated with La+ch – what was that experience like and who is the dream collaboration?

Working with La+ch was sickkkk, we vibed for sure. My dream collab would be with either Lauv or Lany.

As it follows up from your debut EP At First Blush, how would you describe the past year and do you believe you’ve grown as an artist?

I do believe I’ve grown as an artist. I hit a lull during the pandemic and felt like I wasn’t growing the way I wanted to, but I finally got back in the groove. It’s so cool to see the growth and be able to listen back on how I’ve grown throughout the years.

Looking back at your growth within the music scene since picking up the cello at just five-years-old. How would you describe your music career in one sentence, and what is the most important thing you’ve learnt over time?

I’ve learned that you’re going to get some hate if you put yourself out there. I’ve had to grow some thick skin because of it. I keep growing and discovering myself more and more as time passes, and my music reflects that. Five-year-old me would be so proud.

On the other hand, being the first American signed to 604 Records, do you think there was pressure to show them what you’re made of?

For sure, I feel a lot of pressure. My label-mates are super successful and talented; there’s always pressure when you’re surrounded by talented people.

As you immerse yourself into the music scene, who are your top three rising artists?

The Wrecks



Finally, what is the plan for 2021, and where do you see Gwyn Love going?

For 2021 I plan on immersing myself in the EDM/pop world a little more. I would love to collab with some artists in the EDM world.