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Madisyn Gifford Releases Single “Shapes and Shadows” | UMusicians


Vancouver artist Madisyn Gifford has released a new single called “Shapes and Shadows”.

On the new single, Madisyn notes: 

“Shapes and Shadows is a song about realizing how much you love the person you are with but simultaneously realizing how much that gives them the potential to hurt you. It’s about facing the fears and hardships that often come along with love and continuing to fight for that person/relationship despite them. It also acknowledges the fact that the relationship is not perfect in any way but that is also what makes it feel so special. I wrote it on a napkin while on break at the coffee shop I worked in when I was 18 and rushed home to my guitar after my shift so that I could put it to music and it is such a special one for me. I’m so glad to have been able to work with Colin Janz on this song as well because it’s his work that truly brought the whole thing to life!”

Stream/Download “Shapes and Shadows” here or listen below!