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Madisyn Gifford | L’ENFANT VON


Vancouver artist Madisyn Gifford will be releasing her new song “Voulez-Vous” on February 12th. She also has a music video planned for the song to be released later this month. I had the chance to ask her about the new song, video, and what she has planned next. Read all about it below! 
​How did you first go about delving into pop writing?

My experience writing “voulez-vous” with my co-writer and producer Colin Janz was such a fun one! The story unfolded so easily and I think it turned into a really fun song!

What inspired your new song “Voulez-vous”?

The song “voulez-vous” was inspired by a situation I was in at the time but also it was inspired by themes of female empowerment. More than anything I just wanted to write a song that made girls feel cute while they did their makeup to it!

What can fans expect from the music video?

I think they can expect the unexpected! It’s definitely not your typical pop music video and we had such a good time making it. I’m so excited for people to see it!

How were you able to make a music video during the pandemic?
Making a music video during a pandemic was certainly interesting but luckily we were able to work around it! Everyone stayed 6 feet apart and wore masks the entire time and it was shot entirely outdoors which also made it a lot easier!

What will the rest of your songs coming out this year sound like?
The rest of my EP definitely has an indie pop sort of feel! I think it’s really fun and I’m so excited for it to finally be out in the world! Moving forward after that I’m going to be moving into the direct pop field and I’m really stoked about it!

What is it that you want?
To make music and write songs that make people feel seen. I just hope that people can scream sing my songs in the car and relate my words to their own story. That has always been my dream!

What’s your favourite love song?
My favourite love song is “Crystal” by Stevie Nicks! My mom walked down the isle to it and it’s also a song from the soundtrack of my favourite movie “Practical Magic” written and performed by my favourite artist! Everything about it from the guitar to words and melody makes my heart so happy!

What’s next for you?
I’m just going to keep writing songs and hoping people out there want to listen to them! I’m always writing and I always love sharing my work so I have every intention of continuing on down that path!