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ARTIST YOU NEED TO KNOW: 5 Canadian Artists To Watch In 2021 | Beatroute

From the electronic underground to emerging R&B pop, this is the new crop of Canadian talent you need to keep an eye on.

Just like The Weeknd’s bandages he brandished during the American Music Awards, when it comes to Canadian music there’s much more talent out there waiting to be unwrapped. Thanks to chart-topping artists like Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Drake, there’s been a lot of eyes and ears on Canadian music exports. From the countless music hubs in and around Toronto to the often underestimated West Coast, Canadian artists have been working hard creating music that is reverberating throughout the rest of the world. 

While it’s impossible to list them all, these are some of the voices you’re going to want to listen for this year as they continue to push the envelope. 

Molly Annelle

The piano lessons Molly Annelle started taking at the age of three are paying off as the songwriter prepares to release her debut album, Elevator Music. At just 17 years old, the already celebrated Vancouver-based singer/songwriter has teamed up with producer/songwriter Louise Burns to create a timely collection of pop-infused R&B detailing all the emotions and anxieties a teen can face as she grows into a young woman. “All the lessons I learned from 15 to 17,” she says. “The tears I cried, smiles I cracked—it’s all in this album.”  

Signed to 604 Records—the same label that birthed international superstars Carly Rae Jepsen and Nickleback—Annelle’s fresh debut is poised to take the young creative all the way to the top.