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Gwyn Love – “better than u” | Hertz Magazine

With her smooth variety of electro-pop, which is bold yet sultry and a whisper of contemporary R&B, “better than u” is born. This song is the kind of honest lyricism that is sure to set Gwyn apart from the pack. A delectable exercise in pop music, Gwyn Love’s beautiful vocals ride the wave of the moody melodies until the end without ever dimming out.

Watch the lyric video below.

Press Release:

Hailing from small town Oklahoma, Gwyn Love’s sound is anything but small. With her smooth variety of electro-pop, which is bold yet sultry, with a whisper of contemporary R&B, Gwyn Love caught the attention of 604 Records, becoming their first US signing. Born into a conservative family with eight siblings, Gwyn Love was introduced to music at a young age; picking up the cello at just 5-years-old and writing her first song at 11. Over the past decade, her sound has continued to evolve to become uniquely her own — blending what the artist describes as a punk mentality with an electronic-pop vibe.

Drawing mainly from her own life experience, Gwyn Love maintains she’s hardly ever at a loss for words when it comes to songwriting — musical motivation and vision are always priority one. Her first single “never have to see u again” speaks to just that. It’s a song the artist says she believes becomes more powerful each and every time she hears it — an anthem that constantly re-ignites the happiest of moments when everything in her life really started to come together. It’s the kind of honest lyricism that is sure to set Gwyn apart from the pack.

“better than u” will be released with her new EP “at first blush”, which includes Gwyn’s latest track “Good Vibes”, and her debut single “never have to see u again”. Upon release, the debut track was added to multiple playlists including Spotify’s “It’s A Bop”, Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” and Amazon’s “Fresh Pop, Brand New Music,” and has since surpassed over 33K streams across platforms.

On the EP, Gwyn notes: “My EP ‘At First Blush’ tells the story of me moving away from my hometown and discovering life for what felt like the first time. I had no rules, complete freedom. This EP includes a heart wrenching yet empowering song I wrote at only 14 that I later revised to fit the current situation. That is the song I sent Jonathan Simkin, which sparked his interest in me and eventually led to me being signed to 604 Records. You’ll get to hear about some of the best nights of my life, me getting over a very toxic relationship, finding friends who became my family, and a really cool remix from my bro La+ch. Listening to these songs is like reliving my first two years away from home and I hope I portrayed my experiences and emotions well enough so people can relate and feel it too.”