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Fionn – ‘Space’ | Vibez Music

Vancouver pop duo Fionn are popping off with their euphoric latest single ‘Space’. Photo by Zachary Vague

The duo consisting of twin sisters Alanna and Brianne have been performing since they were 12, but the singers are at the top of their game with a new direction to their music. Following on from their EP ‘Everyone’s a Critic’, ‘Space’ is a shimmer of what they are capable of; that will become ever so perfect as they continue to evolve.

As they remove away from their stripped-down acoustic styling; Fionn brings pop flare to their soundscape as they combine intimate songwriting with elated indie-pop aesthetic. Taking a more diverse route with their sound, ‘Space’ bounces off each others gleaming harmonies with sweet production; that allows listeners to delve into the twins’ ongoing turbulent journey.

With already making a statement with their latest EP, ‘Space’ is a psychedelic single that’s taking them through the galaxy of music in a pop fever way.