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Exclusive: Stream Coleman Hell’s New “Isolation Lounge Mix” Curated Spotify Playlist | Aesthetic Magazine

To celebrate the release of Coleman Hell’s new single “Real Me”, the emerging Toronto-based indie pop singer-songwriter curated a brand new Spotify playlist, which you can stream below.

Hell has generated a loyal following over the past few years, with an eclectic style that draws on a myriad of different influences and blends elements of pop, folk, R&B, and indie rock.

“Real Me”, the first single from Hell’s upcoming Topanga LP, is an honest and emotionally vulnerable song with intensely personal lyrics. Written at a particularly low point in his life, “Real Me” touches on feelings of isolation and loneliness – themes which feel particularly poignant at this moment in time. 

Coleman Hell – “Real Me”

I hadn’t left my house for awhile when I wrote this song and I was listening to a lot of slower, melancholic music. That feeling sets the tone for the playlist.

Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

I love the stream of consciousness writing on this song. There is so much depth in it, but it’s abstract enough that you can also listen passively and put your own meaning over top of it.

SZA – “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”

“You know I’m insecure bout having no booty, having nobody, only you buddy…”

The whole ctrl album was really important to me but this is my favourite track. The chorus is so relatable and I love how she uses humour to talk about her insecurities.

Daniel Caesar – “Who Hurt You?”

This song is so smooth and calming. I’m a big fan of Daniel and part of his choir actually recorded the backing vocals on “Real Me.”

Kehlani – “Hate The Club”

Kehlani has such an incredible voice. I chose this song because it fits with the feeling of isolation. It’s almost agoraphobic. She’s singing about not wanting to go out but still wanting to connect with someone and the anxiety that comes with that.

Drake – “Too Much (Feat. Sampha)”

“Stuck in the house, need to get out more”

I love this song because it feels like a conversation with a therapist. Drake is reckoning with how his success has isolated him and despite all he’s accomplished he still feels lonely and insecure. Then Sampha keeps chiming in telling him not too overthink everything. It’s really vulnerable.

Mac Miller – “Good News”

“I spent the whole day in my head”

Mac Miller was such a talent and this song was really him hitting his peak to me. It feels like reading someone’s diary. And the melody weirdly reminds me of Fiona Apple? I got to open for him once in New York and it’s still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Brent Faiyaz – “Let Me Know”

“Who can I love when they tell me I can’t love myself, how in the hell could I possibly love someone else?”

This chorus really sums up self-love for me, and why it’s so important. The energy you have inside is what you inevitably put out into the world and give to others. So it’s kind of your duty to take care of you.

Lianne La Havas – “Paper Thin”

“Slipping in and out of such confidence and overwhelming doubt”

I discovered Lianne a long time ago through La Blogotheque. Since then I’ve been such a fan. The guitar in this song is so beautiful and contemplative. The lyrics are a good reminder to develop a thicker skin and be kinder with yourself.

Khruangbin – “Friday Morning”

My friend Elijah showed me this band and I was instantly obsessed. It’s mostly instrumental. I really love using music as emotional wallpaper and I must have listened to this one track a million times by now. It’s such a great soundtrack for talking with friends or even just staring at the ceiling and getting lost in your own head.