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PREMIERE: Good Vibes X Gwyn Love | POPULAR TV

Indie-pop singer Gwyn Love is about to have us vibing all fall long. Just a few short months after her debut single “never have to see u again” released, the singer/songwriter has followed up with not only a sophomore single in “Good Vibes”, but a music video and announcement of an EP to release later this fall.

“Good Vibes is about a time in my life where everything felt like it was working and making sense. No matter how bad of a day I had, my friends were always there to cheer me up at the end of it. This was what I had dreamed for my entire life, just to know that I was loved, fit in, and cared for.” the songstress says of her new song. Gwyn continued,”The energy my friends and I had this summer was so radiant, there was no way everyone around us couldn’t feel it. When things start getting really hard and hectic in my life, I listen to this song and remember the simple happiness I felt at that time and remind myself that I will feel that way again. This song captures a feeling of magic for me, I hope it does for you guys too.”

The first American signee to 604 Records, we talked about her new single, inspirations behind her newly released tracks, and her upcoming EP!

1. Tell us about “Good Vibes” and the message behind it.

I wrote good vibes at a time in my life where everything seemed it was coming together. I was letting go of everything I was taught I was supposed to be, and finally being myself and doing what I wanted to do. I was so satisfied with the simple things and so happy that I was able to live my life how I wanted to, rather than how other people told me to.

2. Your EP is releasing in October.  Is there anything you can share with us about it?

The title of the EP is “at first blush” because all of the songs are about me moving to the city and experiencing life for what felt to me like the first time.

3. How long have you been working on the EP?

It took a couple years with writing and production. One of the songs on there, I wrote when I was 14 though. I changed some of the lyrics in the verses, but it’s so crazy to me that I wrote a good song at 14 haha

4. What were your inspirations for the creation of the music video for “never have to see u again”?

Emma and I really wanted to play off my style and idgaf vibe. We used lights and bright colors, cause that’s my shii and destroyed a lot of heart shaped items. My favorite was the jello heart that I ate, it was big yum:)

5. What changed in your music style from your first song to your most recent?

At some point I started to realize that all my songs don’t have to be about someone who hurt me. I use song writing as a means to release my emotions, but I can write about and release good emotions too and it’s just as satisfying. it took me a bit to realize that.

6. You are the first American artist signed to Canada’s 604 Records.  What’s the story behind that? 

So I reached out to Jonathan Simkin because he is the manager of Mariana’s Trench, (one of my fav bands) for a school interview. We chatted for hours and really vibed with each other, so we kept in contact. I sent him stuff I was writing. I wrote a really cool song, got it produced and sent it to him and he was like, “hey, I really like this, I want to help you” and here we are!

7. How many hair colors have you ever had?

BRUH, I couldn’t even tell u. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14 and I’ve had over 20 different colors and combinations of colors it just sort of became my thing. It feels like a transformation every time.

8. Tell us about your career future plans! What we should expect?

Well I’m excited to start playing shows, whenever it is safe to do so. I have a ton of songs ready for release in 2021 and I stay writing. So u can expect a lot of bops and hopefully some shows at some point. I’m also very interested in co-writing, hopefully will do more of that in the near future.

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