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Fionn’s EP ‘Everyone’s A Critic’ promotes self-love and calls out cyberbullies | The Stanford Daily

Two twin sisters lean on either side of a disco ball.
Vancouver pop duo Fionn. (Photo: Fionn)

Vancouver pop duo Fionn’s EP “Everyone’s A Critic” encourages others to celebrate their true identities and disregard Internet intimidators. They have garnered more than 700K streams since the release of “Skeleton,” which captured a spot in the Top 5 on the CBC Music charts and also received praise from Billboard and Condé Naste, among others.

The artists have adored music ever since their Irish father introduced them to Celtic, folk and rock music at a young age. Their passion for songwriting was ignited when they were pre-teens looking up to the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. 

“We always enjoyed expressing ourselves through creative writing when we were children. Once we realized we could combine our love of melodies with our appreciation for language, we never went back,” they said. 

The idea of Fionn’s EP emerged after all the songs were written. They said that naming a project can be very difficult, but they listened through the six songs and tried to brainstorm a title that would tie them all together. 

“There are multiple themes running through the album. While some of the songs are about wanting to get away from the eye of social media, others are tongue-in-cheek, lighthearted accounts of experiences we had at parties,” the duo mentioned. 

The popstars believe that everyone on Earth can in some way relate to the idea that “everyone’s a critic.” 

They said, “When people listen to this album, we want any past experience where they felt they were being judged to turn from hurtful to hilarious.” 

Fionn’s favorite part of the title track’s bridge, which depicts the protagonist’s potential post-party crawl home, says, “I’ll crawl home like a carnivore if you say any more, let the concrete know my knees like you know me cause it’ll pick them apart, tear me up, tear my heart.”

“This part of the song is humorous yet sickening at the same time. We wanted the bridge to be a punchline, but also to make listeners think about the pain that comes with being criticized by others,” the artists said. 

They believe that “Everyone’s A Critic” runs deep through their generation. Because of social media, people can hide behind their keyboards and anonymously criticize anybody they want. 

“They speak to people on the internet in ways they never would on the street, and are always looking for things to point out and make fun of,” Fionn said. “In the modern day, everybody has a platform to present their opinions with no filter. Anybody who wants to present themselves or their art has to build a new kind of backbone.”

The title sets the tone for the bluntness throughout the album. Fionn said that it is very straightforward and strings together all the songs despite the presence of varying themes.

“We find that most of our songs naturally come out autobiographical. We started songwriting in the first place to tell our own stories and to get certain experiences off our chests,” the artists said. “With that being said, sometimes we do like to enter our own ‘dream lands’ to make up fictional stories.”

The pop duo played an opening set at Massey Hall — one of the most historical venues in Canada. They said that it was very exciting because the venue was like the “Carnegie Hall” of their country.

Fionn declared, “Our dad flew out from BC just to see us play, as he was very familiar with the history of the venue. We were so confident and free that night and left the venue high on life. It was an extraordinary experience.”

In the future, the singers hope to tour the world, which is one of their biggest dreams. They also want to write poetry and books alongside their music.

They concluded, “Keep on writing! It was told to us time and time again in Nashville, but you can only become a better writer with persistence. Even something you may think is garbage can be a step towards your greatest song.”