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MICHAELA SLINGER Debuts Video for ‘Tarot’’ | Gig Goer

On Michaela Slinger’s latest single, Tarot, evocative storytelling lends itself to captivating vocals, creating a crisp and clear message to the universe.

Michaela Slinger 2020

Using vivid mentions of astrology and tarot cards, Michaela Slinger explains away unwanted thoughts on her latest track, Tarot. Lyrics like “I can’t face the truth / I still think of you / but it’s not my fault / no it’s the universe that’s all” convey the difficulty of moving on and looking for any excuse, including blaming the universe. The mix of lighthearted piano, robust percussion, and grungy synths make the perfect backing track for Tarot, but it’s the twinkling scales that will surprise listeners in between Slinger’s emotive voice in the chorus. Her earthy timbre feels rooted in the soul and is sung through determined, universal pop. The video elevates Tarot even more through the use of stunning visuals drenched in aqua lighting – the only features besides Slinger herself.

On Tarot, Slinger elaborated:

‘Tarot’ was one of the first songs I ever demoed and self-produced on Garageband at home. I had just purchased a MIDI keyboard and was trying to push myself to write a song a day in April 2019. I didn’t achieve a song a day, but lots of uninhibited, curious experimentation happened, such as the low percussive hums you hear throughout the track. Those are original from me in my thin-walled apartment, messing around with layering my own vocals as samples.