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FIONN, Everyone’s A Critic Album Review & 5 Quick Questions | The Reviews Are In

White Rock, BC twin sisters, singers and songwriters FIONN are back with their sophomore album, Everyone’s A Critic, and we’ve got thoughts to share with y’all about it.

The pop sisters’ sound has evolved already in their young careers as they’ve found what makes themselves tick and hum and what they have to say and how they want to say it. And on Everyone’s A Critic they offer up a hybrid of their more stripped-down roots with a more involved pop sound for a kind of hybrid approach that allows for more danceability without sacrificing the ability to hit hard with lyrical content.

We’ve been following along the FIONN journey as this album’s been on the way, with Trish catching up with Alanna and Brianne for a Q&A late in 2019, and with Modern Medication and Mattress On The Floor both landing on New Music Spotlight lists in 2020. So it made sense that along with the release of their second album, we’d do a little more. So, check out the video of FIONN playing a round of 5 Quick Questions a little farther down in this post.

But first, hit play and give a listen to Modern Medication.

In talking about the new album, and growing into this phase of their lives and careers, the sisters said, “Everyone’s a Critic is an album based on our experiences after we released our first record, moved into our first apartment and dove into the existential waters of our twenties. We’ve learned quickly since building a platform that a lot of people are more than happy to say what we should be doing or what we have been doing wrong. Growing up in Gen z especially, the internet has been the perfect platform for unwanted criticism, whether it be of one’s self or others. We are used to sitting behind the veil of our phones, projecting insecurities onto those we love, hate or envy. What this all boils down to is the revelation we have come to in the last two years of feeling lost, confused, depressed yet overjoyed. Everyone’s a Critic, therefore make your mistakes, follow your bliss, and carry on. It has been a liberating conclusion to come to.”

On the subject of Gen z… I have been impressed and filled with hope for the future over the last weeks and months as Gen z has been featured and prominent and loud in the social reckoning we’re living in. And with songwriting like this, from young artists who are growing and learning and forging their own paths is another bright light for the future and a sign that there’s good music coming in the future too.

From the very top of the album, I’m all in. To start track one with the line, “Everyone’s a critic, even you, my dear…” gets right to the point of things and goes from there. And when they follow it up with “You gonna judge or join me?” they offer up the big question that we’ve all asked when we’re just trying to live our lives.

I’m also hooked by Forgive Me. And by the time I’m halfway through the song at #2 on the tracklist, I know I’m all in for the 20-minute listen because I know that the three songs I already know are coming up next. It’s cliché, but I’ll say it anyway – I’d love it if this was a 9 song album that came in around half an hour. Three more would be great!

What I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe is how the lyrics in these new FIONN songs feel young and mature, and catchy but not superficial, and impressive but not in an ‘impressive for young writers’ kind of way. These sister singer-songwriters are strong on Everyone’s A Critic. And if this is the direction they stick with moving forward, they’re in great shape. And if they decide to take a hard left and switch up their sound, I’m still confident that their songwriting chops will give them a chance to make that work too.

If you knew FIONN from their self-titled debut album in 2018, give this new one a listen now to see what they’ve got to offer. And if you don’t know FIONN yet, today’s the day to start.

Now, hit play on the video below for FIONN’s round of 5 Quick Questions in celebration of Everyone’s A Critic to find out who they’d love to work with, where they dream of playing, who they think you should give a listen to, and more!

5 Quick Questions with FIONN

Thanks to Alanna and Brianne for taking the time to play along at home and answer our 5 Quick Questions!

Now, check out the full tracklist for Everyone’s A Critic, hit play on the stream, and watch the videos for Mattress On The Floor and Get Stoned.

FIONN, Everyone’s A Critic Tracklist

1. Everyone’s A Critic
2. Forgive Me
3. Get Stoned
4. Mattress On The Floor
5. Modern Medication
6. Let Me Be A Flower Child