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Matthew Johnston

In this era of post-indierockgoth-souldown-tempopbr&bdancetraphip-pop, it's about time we put all aside the old (and new) descriptors and just call Matthew Johnston's music what it is: honest.

Matthew Johnston has been committed to making music since he was 13, beginning as a drummer playing with acts ranging from rock to hip hop. He has since evolved into a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer. Through all of the surprising turns of young adulthood, Matthew's passion persevered; performing, producing, arranging, and mixing his debut EP, There Will be Miracles, entirely on his own, and finally arriving at this brave statement of unrelenting hope. His heart-rending songs are aimed squarely and unabashedly at the best in us without ignoring life's most painful realities. It is music that is bright, big, and, above all, sincere.

"Breathe" is a fitting opener to this tightly-spun EP, packed with tension and bursting with bright optimism. Beginning with crisp atmospherics that crash into raucous drums and a reverb soaked-choir, "Breathe" introduces us to emotional changes in dynamic that illuminate the EP's concept and character. Lead single, "Explosions in the Sky" is case in point; soaring with irrepressible melodies and seamless transitions from delicate, organic pianos to uptempo beats and back (and forth!). Following these powerful opening tracks, "Miracles" offers a brief, minimal, and totally moving testament to first-time fatherhood, as Matthew awaits the arrival of his twin baby boys this fall. "Subleties"--a toast to nuance and possibility--is next before returning for another take on the beautiful, mostly-instrumental title track. The finale, "Give Up", is a striking closer with brooding lyrics that melt into uplift, as Johnston sings, "Sometimes all you have to give is giving up". It's the last in a series of surprising, heart-warming turns that mirror the ups and downs and unexpected resolutions of life, making "There Will be Miracles" a shining example of pop music at its realest and most potent.

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