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Due to the overwhelming response, we are still working through applications. Chosen participants will now be notified June 11th, via email. Thank you for your patience.

Set to foster an atmosphere of creativity and opportunity for unsigned artists, the 604/LO (604 Records / Light Organ Records) songwriting camp is focused on offering our creative services to the greater community while also opening the door for a wider range of artists to form relationships with our labels.

The experience will allow artists to network, write songs, participate in a one on one call with a label rep – and the opportunity for a potential demo deal. From the applications received, 604/LO will choose three artists to participate in the 604/LO song camp.


To apply you will need to submit:

• A brief biography

• Link to a photo (Dropbox, box.com etc)

• Links to social media

• Streaming links (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc) to two songs. The songs that you send to the 604/LO team MUST be originals – no covers please. If you do not have an audio link, the team will accept Youtube/Vimeo video links as well. The submitted songs can be fully produced, or live acoustic versions…whatever the choice, send your best!


Applications open on May 11, 2021 and will be closed by midnight EST of May 27, 2021

Three lucky chosen participants will be notified via email by June 4, 2021 – so keep your eyes peeled. If you are chosen to participate in the camps, you will be required to sign a general contract. Due to the overwhelming response, we are still working through applications. Chosen participants will now be notified June 11th, via email. Thank you for your patience.

The Song Camp will take place between July 5th and July 16th 2021.

Remember, you need to be an UNSIGNED artist to enter.


Once the finalists are chosen, 604/LO will proceed to set up songwriting sessions with a producer and writer from each of their expansive rosters. Over a total of three sessions (rotating to different producers and writers for each session), and taking place in-studio or online – the unsigned artist will have the chance to flex their songwriting chops with the best of ‘em!

Once the sessions are complete, 604/LO and the unsigned artist will decide (based on the songs created at the camps) if they want to proceed with a single song or demo deal. If 604/LO and the artist decide they do not want to work together moving forward, the artist can buy the master from 604/LO and use the song as they please.

Both parties will have to sign a song writing split sheet before the session is over (a paper listing who wrote what percentage of the song in the session).

Open to Canadian residents only.


604 Records is a music company based out of Vancouver, BC. They are the independent label home to Marianas Trench, Coleman Hell, Carly Rae Jepsen, Dallas Smith, Jojo Mason, Dirty Radio and many more. Since 2010, Vancouver’s Light Organ Records has stayed true to its original ideals of signing and presenting the best in raw, west coast indie. The label has worked with the growing roster of artists to create a watermark for burgeoning success, and this year with new releases expected from Fake Shark, The Zolas, Johnny Payne and others, Light Organ Records appears set to find an even higher water level.


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