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604 Infinite Presents It’s First NFT Collection


Also Announces Partnership With Carbonzero To Reduce Environmental Impact


June 14, 2022

Toronto, ON – Today, Vancouver-based 604 INFINITE announced it will release its first NFT collection on June 21st, featuring award-winning band Marianas Trench. The collection includes brand new animations based on the artwork from the band’s double platinum 2011 album, Ever After, as well as other creative assets from the album. This is the first drop from 604 INFINITE, the recently launched NFT Marketplace of 604 Records,which can be found at nft.604 records.com.  

“We are thrilled to release this first collection of NFTs from Marianas Trench. Ever After was a huge record for Marianas Trench, and it was also a huge record for 604. I am so excited to give the fans a new way to experience this iconic album and iconic artwork,”says Jonathan Simkin, President of 604 Records. “We believe that NFT technology empowers artists to express themselves in infinite new ways, and we look forward to collaborating with artists to create new forms of digital art for their fans.” 

There are three categories of NFTs in the Marianas Trench Ever After 604 INFINITE collection:

1) Limited edition animated artwork of each band member based on their toy characters in the Ever After universe.

2) Two different versions of the Ever After album cover artwork. The first version is an animation of the classic cover art, which includes a rarely heard Ever After alternative album introThe second piece is a reimagining of the Ever After artwork, with all the toys from the cover having a dance party. There will only ever be one of each in existence, sold via auction to the highest bidder.

3) An animation of a Marianas Trench tour poster from the Face The Music era, the tour that supported the Ever After album cycle. These will be limited edition, and the first released in a collection of tour posters from the band that will be revealed over time, with perks for those who collect them all. 

Fans are able to resell any 604 INFINITE NFT they purchase on OpenSea, LooksRare, and on any future platforms that widely support NFT contracts. 

In addition to the release of its first NFT drop, 604 INFINITE announced it has partnered with Carbonzero, a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Carbonzero will calculate the carbon created with each 604 INFINITE NFT drop, and then enable 604 to take action to reduce that environmental impact. 604 INFINITE will offset the carbon emissions for each drop by financially supporting one of Carbonzero’s projects such as the preservation of the Great Bear Island Rainforest in Northern BC. The trees and soil in the Great Bear Rainforest store more carbon per hectare than any of the world’s tropical rainforests, including the Amazon. Carbonzero works in collaboration with the Coastal First Nations to improve forest practices in the Great Bear Rainforest. This includes: avoiding deforestation or degradation by taking steps such as reducing the rate of logging, improving forest management to protect more trees, planting forests where there have never been forests before, and replanting forests where they have been absent for a long time. 

“It was incredibly important for us that we approach this in a way that minimizes the environmental impact of our NFT marketplace,” says Simkin“We are very pleased to partner with Carbonzero to reduce our carbon footprint, and are especially excited to support a project in our own province.” 

Simkin began his involvement in the NFT space through his Simkin Artist Management company. Simkin’s management client, Mad Dog Jones was a member of 604 band Coleman Hell, and then transitioned into the visual art world. His NFT piece, REPLICATOR, sold for over $4 million USD, setting the record for the highest selling piece of art by a living Canadian. Following the success of Mad Dog Jones, Simkin started working with other digital artists including FVCKRENDER, Victor Mosquera, Baeige, Carmilla Sumantry, La+ch and Blaine Thurier. Simkin Artist Management presented the hugely successful NFT BC: ART PANEL & PARTY on May 1 in Vancouver, an event featuring panels focused on the cryptocurrency and NFT world.  

Fans who want to learn more about 604 INFINITE’s NFTS, blockchain and cryptocurrency can watch informational videos here

To bid on a Marianas Trench NFT or future 604 INFINITE NFT drops, visit nft.604records.com