The spectrum of modern rock is typically split into two camps, with slick commercial chart-toppers on one side and flavour-of-the-month indie acts on the other. And then there’s Vancouver’s One Bad Son: an honest to goodness rock ‘n’ roll band that occupies a world of its own, cutting through the bullshit with cranked up amps and a resolutely DIY approach to music making.Singer Shane Volk, drummer Kurt Dahl, guitarist Adam Hicks and bassist Adam Grant first joined forces in Saskatoon, SK. After releasing two albums and establishing themselves as one of the Praries’ most explosive live acts, the four friends relocated to Vancouver in 2011 and inked a deal with 604 Records.Having already carved on a fan base on the west coast, the band is now poised to release their fourth album. Produced by Gavin Brown. The first single off the Album “Raging Bull” Has already gone to #1 on Canadian radio for four weeks and isn’t slowing down. A great sign of what’s to come when the full Album is released in the 2nd half of 2017.