La+ch is a Toronto based artist/producer, who writes and produces all of his own solo work. He is also Coleman Hell’s co-writer and producer and a member of his live band. La+ch is proficient at a number of different instruments, including keyboard and drums, both of which he plays in Coleman Hell’s live show.

La+ch first caught attention as a solo artist with the single “You Are My Summer”. The song went #1 on Hype Machine and landed La+ch a deal with Sony Music Sweden. After a successful rollout of his critically acclaimed self-titled EP, La+ch released his first full-length album, entitled +. With critical acclaim from outlets like Dancing Astronaut, Indie Shuffle, and The Music Ninja, his songs have accumulated a combined total of over 30 million streams on Spotify to date. His debut album, +, was released in 2015.

La+ch’s new project, None, brings listeners in to experience a glimpse of his cryptic mind. By taking on the perspective of various characters, La+ch adopts different personas and explores his world through various points of view. The characters all have a common thread in that they are viewed in some way as societal outliers; people who have been ex-communicated from their respective communities.

La+ch is currently prepping to release None later this summer, with the first single “Gone”, releasing July 19.