Harris was born in Vancouver and grew up in Tsawwassen, BC. While attending college for musical theatre (always have something to fall back on), he began to perform stand-up. After moving to Vancouver in 2013 he began to perform regularly at clubs and shows around the city. He has appeared at JFL Northwest multiple times and has been called one of the most exciting up-and-coming comics on the scene.

  • about 2 weeks agoWell that is the absolute last time I dress as Hitler.
  • about 3 weeks agoPost Malone always looks like he has just finished coughing a whole bunch
  • about 1 month agoFYI blackface is never acceptable unless you work in a haunted house And are playing a black ghost
  • about 1 month agoI'm not arachnophobic up to the point of hearing a spider grunt.