Fionn’s Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris might be young, but don’t let that fool you. The 19-year-old twins from White Rock, British Columbia, have been singing together for most of their lives. They officially “turned pro” when they started busking at Vancouver’s bustling Granville Island at the age of 12, and by the time they hit 14 they were playing around 100 shows a year, growing a fan base for a folk-pop sound centred around the sort of telepathically tight vocal harmonies that only siblings could deliver.

Appearances on local radio and TV soon followed, and the sisters entered—and won—a number of talent competitions. They also caught the ear of 604 Records founder Jonathan Simkin, who encouraged them to continue crafting original material.

Simkin recruited Louise Burns to serve as a mentor for Fionn. An acclaimed singer-songwriter in her own right, Burns has released three LPs for 604 imprint Light Organ, including the Polaris Music Prize-nominated Mellow Drama. Burns also got an early start in the music business, as a founding member of the band Lillix while she was still in high school.

With Burns in the producer’s chair, Alanna and Brianne have honed their songwriting chops. The sisters cite everyone from Canadian icons Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell to current hitmakers like Lorde and Hozier as influences. Their own songs, however—from the sharp social commentary of “Skeleton” and “Magazine Face” (which contains the pithy observation that “little girls want to grow up to be wanted”) to the poignantly personal “Tell Me I’m Pretty” and “Give In”—make it abundantly clear that they are developing a voice that is entirely their own.

The lyrics are backed by arrangements that range from the lushly orchestrated folk-pop balladry of “Give In” to the boot-stomping roots-rock of “On to the Next”. At the heart of it all, however, the diamond-sharp harmonies of Alanna and Brianne sparkle, singing songs that suggest an old, wise soul dwells behind Fionn’s fresh faces.